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How to Avoid Razor Burns and Irritations while Shaving

August 21, 2016

Avoiding Razor Burn

Now avoid razor burns with some of the professional tips and suggestions for a better shave. Following some basic rules of shaving can save you the trouble of irritated skin very easily. Make sure that you replace the old razors on time. Also using shaving foam of reputed brands can prevent allergies to a large extent. Check out our brand new shave system. Follow your shave with aftershave serum and use a pre shave oil if you have severe irritation. 

Quality shaving cream

Invest in quality shaving foam that lathers well. The quality of the foam and whether it suits your skin type is a major factor to be considered. The ingredients of the foam should not lead to allergic reactions on usage. Before you invest in the shaving gel or foam remember to go through the description as well as the ingredient list well.

Replace your razor on time

Using the old razor or a long period of time can lead to infection from the germs that accumulate within the blades of the old razor. Also when the razor gets blunt than before, you have to apply extra pressure to shave with it well. In such situation the razor can tug and pull at your facial skin which in turn can lead to rashes and irritation. Make sure that you change the blade every fortnight or as required. For any standard shaving tool, you can get up to 5 to 7 uses out of it before you need to throw it away.

Direction of shaving

Also let the shaving foam soften the hair for enough time so that shaving becomes easier to perform. The harder the hair, the longer it would take to shave and if you apply too much pressure to it, the result would be adverse like breakouts and allergies. It is best to start shaving from the side of your face and then move on to your neck and after that follow up with the chin area. Leave the moustache for last since the upper lip is particular delicate part of your face that is prone to rashes.

Go with the direction of hair growth

Do not randomly shave the hair. Follow the direction of the hair and shave accordingly to get a clean shave. While shaving against the hair growth gives closer shave but can lead to skin irritation. So it is better to give ample time to shaving and shave slowly in the direction of the hair growth to be gentler on the facial skin.


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