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How to Get Rid and Prevent Acne Around the Mouth

November 03, 2018 2 Comments

Anywhere on your face acne sucks. However it especially sucks when it is around your mouth area which tends to be very common. Here are a few ways to kick acne out of your life for good and move on:

Wash daily and use an exfoliator with micro-beads

It is common as a guy we just don't find the time to cleanse our skin or exfoliate, especially since many of us are active and sweat at the gym. This can cause a build up of bacteria and acne forms. It is important you cleanse twice per day and can opt in for a gentle cleanser. Look for ones that have benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid to kill the bacteria and lessen the acne.

Use a gentle exfoliator to brighten the acne or acne scars and help regenerate new healthy skin, look for ones with an AHA like glycolic acid.

Eat healthy and drink water

I like delivery pizza just as bad as the next person but I know it does not do my skin very well. Increasing the amount of foods full of antioxidants for a better overall sense of well-being which in turn can help to fight the spread of acne. Drink plenty of water per day and keep your body hydrated. 

Stay away from pore clogging skincare

It is important even with acne to wear sunscreen outside and use a moisturizer just make sure it is non-comedogenic and suitable to not clog your pores. You can cover up the acne using a tinted sunscreen like the one we have specifically designed for men. 

Use retinol to regenerate new skin

Retinol, which is a derivative of vitamin-A, can help to increase the speed of ski cell turn over. This can hep with lessening breakouts and inflammation. Use a serum like the Rebuild Advanced Retinol by simply applying a very thin layer to your face each night or starting 2-3 times per week at first to treat existing pimples, prevent new ones, and improve the overall texture of your skin. You can work your way up to every night once your skin gets used to the product.

Have a professional help you 

Recently I had acne around my mouth and it was right under my lip. It can be embarrassing when it becomes inflamed and a white head appears. I went to my local spa and they were able to extract it the right way so it did not cause any scarring and then I made sure the next few days to use the right products. It went away in about 3 days.

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