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How to Use Make up for Men : All You Need to Know

July 21, 2019 3 Comments

How to Use Make Up for Men - All You Need to Know

   If you are a part of the new wellness awareness generation then you just arrived to the right place. Society’s growing awareness for health and a healthy lifestyle has brought up a whole new side of skin care in which there’s no limitation of genres or beliefs and the reason why are quite relevant: ‘skin care health matters’ AND you’re already doing it.

I know it might sound already too cliché, but people need to accept and embrace skin health, especially when it comes to the arising volume of skin cancer (yes, your skin is the largest organ in your body) and it’s been trying to talk through you for all these years, also, it’s asking for a much needed regular routine in order to boost your overall health, specially by wearing sunscreen protection (tinted sunscreen is key). As to the ‘you’re already doing it’ part, grooming, shaving and hydrating IS skin care for men, you can go check GQ about it. Millennials aged 25-34 are the age group who tend to use it most, with 39 percent saying they use make-up according to Fashion Beans. 

If you search on Youtube you can see influencers giving you feedback on how to properly use makeup or cosmetics for men amassing millions of views.

Now, why and how men should be using/wearing make up on a daily basis? Let’s start by the basics:

  • A regular guy who’s into make up for men or skin care for men must know the following (it’s obvious but no so obvious): Make up for men is intended to be ‘invisible’ (just If you want), a subtle notice from a daily moisturizing, aside from your favorite IG filter.
  • Don’t go framing your skin care routine or make up preferences under ‘genres-sexuality’ as we stated above, this should be entirely built around your health, labeling is no needed, so feel free being yourself.
  • If you’re into more artistic make up for men, be sure to choose the right products for men (our skin and hormones are not feminine). You could also follow known influencers and professional MUAs for guidelines and trends.

Being that said, we can now start by how to use make up for men, how to correctly apply it and yes, I’m including a few product reviews that I have been testing myself.

To reach a simple, natural, everyday look, here’s how its done guys, BUT if you have any skin treatment-issue, such as acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, dark spots, etc. I wrote a blog post for an easy and best skin care for men routine that suits all skin types you might be interested in.

Pre-Make up prep

There’s no way make up lasts in a man’s skin (all the oil, shine and over sweating…) without a nice prep and the right products. Whatever your make up will be, a healthy skin is what really is going to make you achieve the look you are aiming for. Cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing must be essential.

But if you’re in a hurry or just too lazy to do all the prepping routine, the his exfoliating scrub has worked wonders on my complexion.


Ok, I’m going to highlight the usage of sunscreen, tinted sunscreen to be more specific, why? You’ve probably heard about the ‘too much sun is going to kill your skin, wear protection’ too many times, but thing is, UV rays are the main ingredient for skin cancer.

Not only men but everyone should have a bottle of sunscreen in their bags, this product plays a big role within skin care routine during mornings as a make-up prep step and your skin is going to reward you for it. HIS Tinted sunscreen will give you protection and a sheer finish that blends in with your skin tone.

Eyebrows on point

Who are the ones that frame those beautiful eyes? Eyebrows make a big difference in every look when applying a clear brow gel to tide up rebel hairs to make them stay in place. Brush them gently going upwards and to the ends with Billion dollar brow gel and see the magic happen.

Base It up

Sheer primers with SPFs and BB creams are natural-look-friendly since they can mattify or hydrate (tinted sunscreen alone can work too), apply evenly throughout your face with a blender or a natural bristle brush for a simple finish.

Spot covering

A dab of concealer is enough for those dark spots or rude pimples that seem to be alive. Yellow and green concealers work best for me, yellow for dark spots and green for redness. Is important for you to forget about liquid formulas, creamy sticks or crayons are better.

‘The eyes chico, they never lie’

Lashes need to be on point to add a touch of mischievous to your look, and what is even cooler, your lash line is the one in charge of the ‘open-eyed’ look you surely will want to show off to your relatives. It always works. Finding a proper curler is totally worth it, I recommend Surratt, but Business Insider has a whole list for you to entertain yourself.

‘Invisible lips’

Have you guys ever found cracked lips attractive or healthy? I’m sure the answer is a huge NO. Chapped lips show dehydration, so, in order to avoid that, reach for a lip balm with a matte finish and you’ll have everyone questioning themselves ‘is he wearing lipstick?’. Try NIVEAs Men lip balm, it also includes sun protection.  

BONUS EXPERT TIP and conclusion

Don’t be afraid to go into a full men skin care routine and full make up one. You have to keep in mind that men features are naturally stronger, so adding make up makes it even more dramatic (I respect if you like drama) but what I really mean is that keeping a good blending is key so make up won’t look cracked nor wrongly applied.

Feel free to try and discover yourself within the wide world of make up for men, don’t forget to give tinted sunscreen for men the real role it deserves, the more you take care of your skin, the more you can level up your overall health.

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