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Men Skin Care Decoded: Truth and Myths about Men Cosmetic

July 21, 2019 4 Comments

Men Skin Care Decoded, truth and myths about men cosmetic

     Women haven’t been the only ones prostrated on the cosmetic throne through the years, better said, millenniums…I’m sure you’ve probably saw, read or listened that Men skin care has been a thing since 4.000 b.C to present day, until mid XIX century of course, when make-up for men was, sadly, relegated to the other side of the spectrum. 

History doesn’t seem to be so open about men skin care routine, but for the past last years the new generation has bloomed into a beautiful dynamic in which both genres can enjoy a full skin wellness lifestyle without so much trouble in between (at least our heads won’t be cut off in a square, literally), and you might be wondering why the history class is even relevant in all this? Well, without history, men skin care wouldn’t be in its best moment of evolution, and men cosmetics would not be being improved for OUR skin.  

Decoding the ‘men skin and women skin are way too different’ fact:

Experts say men skin is thicker and stronger due to testosterone and is more prone to produce grease after puberty, which can rise the probabilities of suffering from acne and other skin issues for longer. But the great news here are: men have a bigger collagen density, which helps us stay younger than women for more time…

Same necessities? Or different priorities? The ugly truth:

The answer to this is…We’re equal. Yes, maybe you didn’t see that coming but that’s a fact; we are opposites but no in the essence, the reason why there are cosmetics developed in a specific way for men and others for women. Regardless of this, the priorities are from Men Skin Care designed for specific skin issues, for example: lacking of hormones during menopause or over production of tallow in masculine skins due to testosterone volume rising.

But generally speaking, when it comes to seeking for an even skin tone, hydration and protecting our skins, cosmetics are usually unisex.

Directly to the main topic…What’s truth and what’s a myth in men skin care routine?

Both genres products are the same

As we stated above, you should know the answer to this one already, but let’s go a bit further and explain this as it is. Good quality men skin care cosmetics are designed with a specific formula that contains ingredients to benefit male skin. For example, products that come with acids, free of fragrances and alcohol fit perfectly for the most though customers.

If you guys are looking for cutting edge product reviews, Vogue has a list that you might find quite helpful.

The same product works for all body parts

Guys, I know we usually use the same product for almost all our body just for the sake of comfort and speed, but this is a huge NO for me and experts and If you are not following the ‘one product for each body part’ rule, please start today, you’ll thank me later or not.

Why is it so important? Here: your face skin is thinner than your body, arms and legs’ skin, the skin in this area is more delicate and more sensitive, also, our faces suffer more UV exposure than the rest of the body. So, in order to improve your skin care routine, I recommend using a specific product for each body part.

The more products the best skin care routine

Completely false. There’s no need to own a cabinet full of different products and use them in a specific order. What I highly approve is going to a dermatologist first to get a diagnose about your skin type and skin needs, you can add the right products afterwards and be consistent. Targeting more products is not to bad, but is always good to start from less to more. Celebrity Hair stylist and Men’s groomer Kristan Serafino can be your guide leader about it.

One can’t control aging, anti-aging products don’t work for men

You’d be impressed by how much your general lifestyle contributes to the way your skin ages…So genetics don’t play the big role here. External factors on the way you feed, the way you drink, if you exercise or not and the way you take care of your skin, aggressions on a daily basis from pollution, UV rays, extreme weather, CA from office, and not so healthy behaviors can greatly affect your skin health.

Want to know how to defy time and give it a kick? Check this.

It’s never too late to start men skin care routines

What can someone achieve if we let our health perish? That’s right, early aging and terrible diseases. Now that’s clear, men’s cosmetics have blended in with the latest technologies and improvements from beauty formulas in order to deliver quality skin corrections. If you add a balanced feeding plan along with a constant exercise’s routine, then your skin concerns and correction won’t be impossible, no matter how long you’ve waited.

 If you’re interested | What Skin Care Products Are Right For your Skin Type? How to Find The Right Skin Care Products

Resuming it all

Men’s cosmetics are different from women cosmetics due to differences in the skin composition and structure, and as you could see, the overall key to a good men skin care routine doesn’t depend directly on the things you’ve heard or believe. This also goes hand in hand with having a skin diagnostic and choosing the right products for said diagnostic, as well as maintaining a balanced lifestyle in your wellness overview.

If you liked this article you can always check the rest of the content I’ve created in our blog and leave a comment regarding the topics and doubts you might have towards men skin health and such below, I’d be glad to answer them all!


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