Moisturizer vs serum

Moisturizer vs Serum: Men’s Skincare Facts

August 30, 2019

Adventuring in men’s skincare products can be a journey of a lot of questions: What product is the best? What is the difference between them? Should I pick them according to my skin, routine, budget? We get it, we’ve been there and we’re going to help you.

For this article, you’ll find information about the hydration of your skin by using two of the most popular products: moisturizer and serum. There are differences between them but after reading this, you’ll know which product’s the best for you (maybe, you’ll choose both).

What’s a moisturizer. 

A moisturizer is a cosmetic resource to nourish your skin by helping her to keep good water levels on the dermis. Also, they work as a barrier to protect the organ (your skin) from external factors as bacterias, chemical substances and extreme temperatures. 

When your skin is nourished, it will produce melanin, a pigment responsible for protecting you from the UV ray lights that can accelerate skin ageing. 

That’s why using a moisturizer helps your skin’s natural processes to keep her healthy.

There are two types of moisturizer: cream, which is better to give your skin the necessary ingredients to keep the humidity, reducing evaporation. Lotions are lighter than creams to easily penetrate your skin, but not as much as serums.

Now, what’s a serum?

The serum is a cosmetic gel of low density made to repair your skin without leaving remains on her. Because of its lighter nature, your skin can absorb it easier without leaving it oily.

Usually, this serums can be found in high concentrations so with a tiny amount, you can cover all your face. The good thing about serum is their capacity to penetrate your skin, however, they are less hydrating than moisturizers. but their goal is to repair a specific skin problem.

You can check this awesome video of Innisfree Malaysia on which they explain moisturizer vs serum, here.

Choosing according to your skin type

Usually, moisturizer and serums are enriched with other components to be more complete men’s skincare products.

Talking about the type of skin, is you have dry skin, your best option is using mineral oils, glycerine, panthenol, hyaluronic acid. 

Another type is oily skin, this means you secrete more fluids and must use lighter gels or lotions that don’t obstruct your pores, causing imperfections.

Mixed skin refers to a part of your skin called “t-zone” (forehead, nose and chin), your best option is using a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid.

However, to be clear, serums and moisturizers are more like a team instead of enemies, because they are focused on different goals.

Moisturizers (creams or lotions) offers more superficial protection than serum, but the chemical nature of serums allows to maintain active ingredients to fight against a wide range of problems because they can “travel” to the deepest layers of your skin. 

Conclusion, creams and lotions are more focused on the “surface” of your skin, while serums “go deeper” ( you can try with a diet to keep your skin nourished, but we’ll talk about this in another article).

Serums can work as an anti-wrinkle, to revitalize or lift. The “His” Revive Serum is awesome because it has an addition of retinyl palmitate for deep hydration of the lower layers of your skin, even with sensitive ones, also containing antioxidants, green tea, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid.

Now, as explained before, serums and moisturizers work more like a team, so, when you start your men’s skincare routinedon’t forget to add these products and try combining the “His” Revive Serum with the Physical Face Moisturizer with SPF 50 with the Physical Face Moisturizer with SPF 50 to your skincare.

Because of the ultra-sheer, micronized zinc oxide, green tea, and other benefits you can check in our web, the Physical Face Moisturizer with SPF 50 moisturize also brings sun protection in the form of cream. Besides, it’s paraben, fragrance, gluten and alcohol-free, so don’t worry if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies.

The SPF 50, offers you the highest sun protection, so you can go out and be ready for a nice day (but remember not to overexpose).

We better work together

Finally, this men’s skincare products work with synergy to protect, moisturize and repair your skin. On your routine, after applying your serum, finish with your moisturizer cream or lotion to completely hydrate your skin.

Remember, always choose products that offer more. At “His”, it’s not only about your skincare, but it’s also about the quality of your life throughout taking care of your skin to make you feel confident.

Also, remember to choose your products according to your type of skin. If you have too many doubts, try visiting a specialist so he can tell you more about your skin type.

Do you have any question? Leave it in the comments section! We’d love to hear about you and your experience with our products, what led you to them? Write your story down in the comments.

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