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Summer Skin Care Essentials for Men

June 29, 2018

It’s summertime. The sun is out—you’re (hopefully) spending less time binge-watching your favorite series and spending more time soaking up the summer weather outside. With this comes a little extra skin care.

While you’re loving the warm sun on your skin, it can cause damage. To help keep your skin looking and feeling its best all summer long, stock up on these four summer skin care essentials made just for guys. 

  1. Adopt a good cleanser

During the summer months, your skin is very easily damaged. Whether you spent too much time on the golf course and your forehead looks scarier than your scorecard or you worked hard in the yard all day and clogged your pores with endless dirt and debris, you need a good cleanser.

A gentle yet effective cleanser is perfect for the summer months. Gentle cleaners are easy and light on damaged skin, but still provide the same deep clean that your skin needs.

  1. Keep your skin hydrated

It’s hot outside, which means your skin is releasing all of its hydration to keep you cool. It doesn’t matter if you sat on the patio of your favorite brunch spot for an hour or played beach volleyball for an hour, your skin needs to be replenished with hydration.

A thick layer of moisturizer applied both in the morning and at night will help your skin stay hydrated no matter what you put it through. Look for a moisturizer that contains aloe for added skin relief and hydration.  

  1. Protect your skin with quality armor

Of course, one of the most important skin care essentials for the summer time is sunscreen. Sunscreen is the one true defense that you can put up against harsh UV rays to keep your skin safe throughout the summer. One thing that most guys don’t know is that you need a different sunscreen for your face and for your body.

Body sunscreens are filled with oils that will clog the pores on your face, causing acne and blackheads to build up. A facial sunscreen is designed differently. It won’t break out your skin and it will leave your face feeling silky smooth.

  1. Exfoliate

No matter how often you wash your face, there’s only so much you can clean. By using an exfoliant a few times a week, you can get a deeper clean. This will help you get rid of excess dirt and grime that have been camping out in your pores and remove dead skin cells lingering on your face. You’ll also open up the hair follicles, allowing you to get a cleaner, safer shave. Win, win.

Stock up on essential men’s skin care

Now that you know everything that you need for an effortless summer, it’s time to start stocking up. Grab a few of our quality men’s skin care essentials now and keep them on hand throughout the summer so you never go without a solid wash, moisturize, and exfoliating sesh. Made from only the safest materials, it won’t even feel like you have anything on. We promise.  

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