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Why Use Products to Trim Facial hair

August 21, 2016

The Man or Beast

Having facial hair or beard is very attractive but what makes ladies stop and stare are well-groomed men. Beard is not going to take you anywhere if you do not groom it and take care of it the way it deserves. In the same way, men should take care of their face and keep it well groomed.

There are several products available at Man or Beast that will make your personality pop out with such creativeness that every eye will stare at you. Thus, to keep yourself well-groomed and attract all the pretty ladies here is the description of a few things that men should use on daily basis.

Beard Oil:

You have to take care of your beard as you take care of your head hair because a dirty and shaggy looking beard is a no go. Beard is most prone to dust and other dirty things that make you look shabby and thus to keep your beard shiny and clean you must use the beard oil.

Beard oil will create a win-win situation for you because it will not only keep your beard healthy but also keep it shining and intact. It can be regarded as the styling agent for your beard because when you apply the oil after cleaning your beard properly or taking a bath the skin pores will easily absorb the oil. This will lead to a moisturized and soft skin due to which your skin will be clean and your beard will stay in place.

You can easily massage the oil on your beard or in case you have a long beard you can also use a comb to make the oil reach the skin and they style your beard in an attractive way. It will tame beard hair and will keep it fresh.


Many men prefer clean shave this day and stay away from the beard but to be honest, a nicely trimmed and styles beard attract more women. Thus, men should know what style of beard would suit them the most and then shave their beard in the proper way.

Shaving is not a very hard task; you must shower on the place a wet soaked towel over your beard to make the hair soft. Then start with the trimmer at the tip of your apple's bottom, after removing the excessive hair you can style your beard in any way you want like the French beard, square shape, goatee, Hollywood and many other styles.

You can shave your beard in any style that suits your face the most and thus you will look attractive in it. Even if you want to keep a beard, shaving is important to keep it in place because if you want to look groomed you must have a clean and well-styled beard. Shaving is an art so while shavings make sure that you style your beard in the perfect way and stay away from any blade cuts.

Shave Club:

It is the toughest choice for men to buy which shave club. Because the smoother your shave club will work a perfect shave, you can get. You will find many types of shave club in the market but before buying them make sure that the blades of the shave club are closer and now you can find shave clubs at our site that will adjust according to the curves of your face thus preventing you from any cuts.

Select the shave club according to your requirements but make sure that the blades are closer to provide a smoother shave. The shave club you should buy must offer you different types of razors to select from like the one with single, double or triple blades.

The blades you use for your shave club should also be of high quality so that it must last for a month. Buy the shave club according to your facial hair requirements so that you can keep a balanced and well-groomed shave at all times to impress the pretty ladies out there. A well-groomed beard will also score you a good place at the office where you work because everyone likes a well-groomed man.

Men's skincare:

Men often do not give much attention towards skincare. We are well aware that men's skin is tougher and hard then women but at the same time, man has to face more pollutants that might damage their skin.

Thus to keep skin healthy men should also follow the given easy steps to keep their skin clean and fresh:

  • Wash your face with cold water as it will tighten the skin and will make you look fresh and younger.
  • Apply moisturizers on your face to keep the skin soft and glowing.
  • Keep your body well hydrated because if you do not drink enough water the side effects will come to your face in the form of acne and pimples.
  • If you are using an anti-wrinkle product, use it at night because products like these make your skin more prone to sun damage.
  • Do not eat much sugar because it might cause pimples.
  • While going in the sun make sure to protect your skin with SPF 15 or more.
  • Go low on stress and keep your diet balanced for a perfect and smooth skin.

To look younger men must take care of their skin because no one is going to stay 20 forever.

 Lemon/Mint beard oil:

The most preferred beard oil by men these days is the Bay Laurel Mint or Lemon Verbena beard oil because of its soft small and numerous benefits. The mint beard oil prepared by Man or Beard is all-natural and made by the natural and organic plants.

This beard has a special musky and masculine smell towards it that you will love to use. It will not only moisturize and soften your skin but it will also keep your beard intact and the way you styled. It will be your best grooming partner because with its application you can style your beard in the best way.

Apart from that, you will also get the following benefits from the mint beard oil:

  • It will stop the itch that occurs in your beard.
  • It will prevent your beard from beard-ruff.
  • It has a very low scent that no one can feel and thus no one will know that you are wearing beard oil.
  • It will also help your beard to grow in an effective way.

This mint beard oil is prepared from a mixture of essential oils that help protect and nourish you beard in a natural way. 

Mint face wash:

Being under the sun and pollutants all day the skin of men is more prone to damage, pimple and acne growth. Thus to keep their skin safe and healthy men must have the special skin care face wash like the mint face wash that will keep their skin clean and protected.

Mint face wash has become the most popular one because it is prepared with natural ingredients like mint, and aloe Vera that will help cleanse men's skin in the best way. It will remove all the dirt and dust from the face and thus will protect it from damage.

Mint face wash is the most used face washes by men because it not only clears dirt and dust from the skin but also reduces the chances of a pimple and acne growth. It also removes the oil from the skin thus keeping it oil-free. 

Thus to have a younger looking clear skin men must use the mint face wash twice daily for effective results as it will keep your skin clean and healthy that will look well cared for.


Men must apply the aftershave after shaving their beard off because after the shave the skin appears to be rough and dry.

Applying an aftershave on the skin keep it moisturized and soft apart from that it also prevents your skin from any infections or germs. It will make your skin glow after the shave and will keep it softened. Aftershave will also tighten you skin keeping it perfect.

Using the aftershave, it will give your face a special manly fragrance and will keep it clear. It will cleanse your face and give it a younger look. To have the soft and clean skin all men must use the high-quality aftershave.

Using all the above-mentioned products will help you groom yourself in the best way. A well-groomed man is what everyone prefers and loves. In today's society only that men are preferred who groom themselves in the best way and take care of themselves because it is the face that attracts people because the first impression matters the most.

So using these minor products you must groom yourself in the best way to make a strong mark in the society and be attractive to all the beautiful women because those men are loved by ladies who take care of themselves in the best way.


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