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Why Using A Face Scrub Helps

September 24, 2018 4 Comments

Your largest organ, skin, faces more hostilities than you think it does. Remember the air pollution, UV rays, and stress from a long day’s work at the office. And don’t forget the sweaty gym workouts as well as general wear and tear. Besides, no one is attracted to an oily face full of clogged pores. 

So you use the best face wash and don’t compromise on your moisturizing cream. But does it actually help? The most neglected tool in skincare for men is a little exfoliating scrub. It consists of fine ingredients that ensure clear skin.

Skincare for men is incomplete without an exfoliating scrub

Did you know that your skin regenerates every two weeks and your face gets a new skin? It means that dead skin builds up on your face making it look dull and lifeless. Men require a face scrub more than the women as the skin on men’s face is thicker and has larger pores. 

Dirt gets settled deep into the large pores on men’s face leading to blackheads, acne, and spotty outbreaks. Most men use an acne cream, but fail to realize the importance of face scrub in men face care.

The chief objective of a face scrub is to rinse away the dead skin cells. The naturally occurring oil on face, sebum causes blemishes by clogging the pores. A good exfoliating scrub is effective in controlling the build-up of sebum.

 A good face scrub gives you a fresh complexion that adds to your charm. It reduces the chances of getting a flaky skin.

Consider pampering your skin with a face scrub before a shave

Dead skin cells clog up the razor while you shave. They create a resistance between your skin and razor leading to razor rash and irritation. Using a face scrub before shave makes your skin clean, facial hair soft, and helps in a smooth shave.

It also helps in lifting the stubborn hair away from your face leading to a closer shave. 

Ensure proper use of a face scrub

Moderation is the key here. A face scrub should not be used more than 2-3 times in a week by men having oily skin. If you have dry skin, limit the use to just once a week. Over exfoliation leads to irritation and acne outbursts. It’s because the skin is not ready to shed dead cells.

You should apply a face scrub just like you use a cleanser. And please, no adding pressure or getting aggressive on your skin. The ingredients in the face scrub will do their job- so be gentle.

Start by using warm water to wet your skin. It also helps in opening up the pores. Apply the scrub in small circular movements. Then wash off using cold water as it helps in closing the pores.

So, start using a face scrub and say goodbye to your acne cream!

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