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Benefits You Can Take Advantage Of As A Man or Beast Social Media Influencer

You can make up to 20% commission.*

You have a huge following of dedicated individuals. Now make money on your hard work.  We give you a code and a link to our site. If someone makes a purchase you get paid 20%.  It is as simple as that. You will get a huge discount yourself so you can try the products and make sure you love them first. We will repost so you get maximum exposure. 

Immediately receive 40% off all items in store for your self. 

Not many affiliate programs offer this at all. You can order and try out the products. We will send you a checkout code to use after you sign up. 

Unique “Affiliate Only” Contests

Using our email system we will be sending out contests based on top commission earners. As soon as a contest is going to start an email will be sent outlining the prizes and affiliate ranking.

Any questions send us an email at We can help every step of the way.

*We payout commissions 30 days after the sale using PayPal. If returns take place we will deduct this out your commissions. We use 7 day cookies for returning non purchasing customers.
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